Xfinity is a brand housed under the Comcast Company, offering a variety of wireless and cable related services. This includes that of triple play, which entails cable, internet access, and telephone. In 2010 company executives took this concept of triple play to an entirely new level. In addition to the convenience of having internet, cable and phone services, they would then have access to foreign programming, on demand, and more channels in high definition.


Comcast has been noted as one of the best cable workplace environments for its employees. This company had received quite a bit of adulation. Furthermore, it has been celebrated for its diversity in the workplace, gaining the approval of many different organizations.


In the past few years, this service provider has undergone stiff competition with Satellite providers, who are prime competitors. They must work to compete in terms of channels offered, services, clarity, HD channels and high speed Internet as well. However, Comcast has counteracted much of this negativity by offering TV access online, enabling customers to access their favorite shows on the go. This added level of convenience has instilled additional trust in customers, and it has maintained their vast consumer base. Xfinity TV allows anyone to browse various categories of TV shows and movies online, implying that a television is no longer the only source of entertainment in the house.


What you need to watch TV shows earn rewards and movies at XfinityTV

  • Comcast services
  • Online registration with Xfinity TV
  • A Computer/TV


How to watch TV shows earn rewards and movies at XfinityTV

  1. Visit
  2. Watch as many shows and movies as possible to earn rewards.
  3. Track your reward by clicking the ”account” tab
  4. As you earn rewards, you will be able to select the “shop” option and purchase items using rewards points.