White Castle is a quirky restaurant that features casual dining and a very unique style of burger on their menu. Though many people have heard of the brand, they are still considered a small chain and have to maintain an impeccable standard in order to remain competitive. In order to do this, they need to find out how their customers feel about their recent experiences in the White Castle restaurants. To that end, they have put up a customer satisfaction survey at www.whitecastle.com/survey. In the hopes that you will want to participate in the survey and give them your feedback, they are giving away free food when you complete the questionnaire.

Who Is White Castle?

White Castle restaurant was founded in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas. They faced enormous challenges at the time as the average American was leery of eating ground beef due to a 1906 expose on the meat packing industry and their horrible sanitation methods. The first tactic they took to change the public’s image of meat safety was to build their restaurant to look the most clean and sterile as possible. The buildings were small, with white porcelain on steel outside, and stainless steel counters and tables inside. They also required their employees to wear spotlessly white clean uniforms. Their first restaurants were a hit, and they branched out across the Midwest. They managed to develop an extremely efficient method for cooking hamburgers that both saved a lot of money and gave great flavor to their beef. Since their costs were so low, they were able to keep the price of their small square burgers at five cents each all the way up to 1940. After that, they kept the price at 10 cents each for many years. Despite wanting to be nationally recognized, they refused to franchise their operations, and as a result they only have 420 stores sporadically located around the country. They do have boxes of burgers in the frozen food section of grocery stores around the country though, so their burgers can be enjoyed by anyone for a very reasonable price.

How To Complete The Survey At www.whitecastle.com/survey And Get A Free Burger

  1. You will need an internet connection to complete the survey
  2. When you browse to www.whitecastle.com/survey you will need to select the language you want to complete the survey in, then click the right facing arrow.
  3. Enter the survey invitation code from your receipt and click the right facing arrow to begin.
  4. Answer the questions with details about your most recent visit.
  5. When you have completed the survey you will receive details on how to get your free burger.