Virgin Media Inc. is a UK based company founded in 2006 and provides media & telecommunication services. The main services includes fixed and mobile telephones, broadband internet services and television services. It has also opened an executive office in New York City, NY while the headquarter remains in United Kingdom. Excellent service, attractive offers, understanding customer requirements and positive approach towards the business have made them the  leading broadband provider in UK. Virgin Media has setup a new program to double up the speed of their broadband customers. But it will upgrade the speed in the areas with cable connections only. Other customers will have their price cut instead of the increase in speed. The dates of upgrade varies on basis of Virgin Media’s latest engineering plans and may frequently change from time to time as they come up with new offers to satisfy customer needs. You can check out whether your speed has been upgraded or not by following simple steps given below.

Required to check if your speed has/will be upgraded:

  • Computer with access to the internet.
  • You will need to be a existing Virgin Media Customer.

If you meet the requirements, here are the steps to take:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided.
  2. Go to the Speed Upgrade page.
  3. Enter the zip code of your area in the given box and click on the “Go” button.
  4. It might show the message in a box which informs you whether the speed has been upgraded in your local area or not.
  5.  Click on “Know More” button to know more available offers.

Hopefully you do qualify for the upgraded speed but if not be sure you get the applied discount.