The Shoe Company is one of the premiere clothing and shoe companies in Canada. The company has more than 65 stores all across the country, employing hundreds of people and serving thousands of customers. It began as a small store in Toronto, Canada but is now growing  very quickly. However, despite of its phenomenal growth, the company is still mindful of its customers’ needs. This is why is has commissioned a survey on its products and services across Canada. The Shoe Company survey at is a new kind of survey. It is highly interactive and entertaining for participants. Moreover, it includes a chance to win The Shoe Company gift card for $100. We have provided some quick steps in order to partake of the survey and be entered into the drawing.

Required to take part in survey:

  • Computer that has access to the internet.
  • A receipt from a recent purchase from either The Shoe Company or The Show Warehouse.

Steps to complete survey:

  1. You need to go to Copy and paste this link into the URL tab or if your system allows click the link above we provided.
  2. The webpage that will appear on your browser will have two options i.e. it will ask you to state whether you shopped at The Shoe Company or The Shoe Warehouse. Please look at your receipt, confirm where you shopped at and choose the appropriate option.
  3. The next webpage that appears will ask you to fill in the date that you made your purchase. Please fill in the dates correctly by looking at your receipt and then hit ‘Enter’ when you are done.
  4. The webpages that follows will display a list of questions that make up the survey. Please answer these questions as honestly and as truthfully as you can.

Once finished, you should then fill in your personal details including your contact details once you. Remember, all the information you give is confidential. Your personal contact details will be entering you into the drawing for a chance to win the $100 shopping gift card.

In conclusion, The Shoe Company survey at is one of your best opportunities to provide some feedback to the store where you normally shop. The Shoe Company would love to get your feedback so that they can improve on their products and services. This survey will only take a bit of your time but it will all be worthwhile as soon as you begin to witness wonderful changes at The Shoe Company because of your feedback.