Cheesecake Factory Inc. is famous for its delicious cheese cake and other baked treats. In 1971, it was started as a bakery solely but after seven years, the company ventured into the restaurant industry. Over time, the company largely grew to its current size of over 150 restaurants scattered all over the United States. This speaks volumes about the success of the Cheesecake Factory Inc. The company’s headquarters are based in Calabasas Hills, California.

To keep up their good service and ensure that their customers are satisfied, the company has decided to carry out the cheesecake factory survey to get customer reviews. This will not only help the administration correct errors but it will also ensure that they improve in their service to their esteemed clients. First and foremost, a participant in the cheesecake factory survey must have a few things. These are; internet access, a functional email address, an invitation to take part in this survey, and a 14-digit code on a receipt. One must have visited the Cheesecake Factory not long ago and must have read the rules of the survey. The invitation to participate in the survey can be obtained in a minimum of three days only. Once all the above mentioned is ready, the participant is ready to take part in the Cheesecake Factory survey.

The survey can be completed in as few as four steps.

  1. Click on the link given and once prompted for the 14-digit code, enter it in the required field and select your language of choice; English or Spanish.
  2. Answer questions that are provided, earnestly and truthfully.
  3. Provide some personal information which is required for the survey.
  4. After providing the needed information, participants are awarded a prize off coupon which they print and will use when they next dine at the Cheesecake Factory. That is the end of the survey. It is simple and easy.