A Target Red Card is a great credit card for shopping and saving money, as you get 5% with no annual fee anytime you shop at either Target or Target.com. You can also take advantage of free shipping and get an extra 30 days to be able to make a return on items from their store.

You can also use it help support a K-12 school of your choice. As there aren’t many products out there you can’t buy at Target, this is a great method to save some money on their already low prices. Below is a guide on how you can apply to receive your very own Target RedCard.

What you will need to Apply for a Target RedCard

  • Computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone
  • Access to Internet
  • A Valid Email Address
  • Other personal Information

Steps to Apply for a Target RedCard

  1. Go to http://www.target.com/redcard/application
  2. Depending on your preference, you will select either a debit card or credit card. NOTE: If you are getting the debit card, you will not be able to acquire it online. Your options will either be to get it in store or by mail.
    1. For the Target RedCard credit card, you can fill out a form online, find a store to apply or do so by mail.
    2. Be sure to read all the following information below the sign up options so you are clear on the fees and rates that apply and rules you are signing up to follow.
    3. If you chose to sign up for a credit card online, click the option “Apply Now.” On the following screen you will be asked for personal information, security information, address and financial information.
    4. When you complete this information, you will need to wait for approval and for your Target Redcard to be delivered. When that happens, you’ll need to enroll your card online in order to use it.