Superdrug is the second largest beauty and health retailer in the United Kingdom. It has been around since 1964 when grocery retailers Ronald and Peter Goldstein established Leading Supermarkets Limited. In 1966, the very first Superdrug outlet was opened in Putney High Street and by 1973 they had already established 40 stores. Today, there are over 850 Superdrug stores in the UK and Ireland, and 200 of these have in-store pharmacies. Superdrug’s commitment to providing excellent products and customer service has helped them reach where they are now. And in their commitment to give customers value for their money, they have launched an online customer survey. Participants will be entitled to a 10% off coupon code which they can use on their next purchase at any Superdrug outlet.

How to Participate in the Survey:

  • You will need a Superdrug receipt to take the survey, as well as a computer or smartphone with access to the Internet.

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the survey website at
  2. Enter the store number, receipt number and the amount you spent as stated on your receipt.
  3. Answer all the survey questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible. Keep in mind that your answers will greatly help Superdrug serve you better.
  4. Once you have completed the survey, you will be given your discount coupon code. Show this code the next time you shop at Superdrug so you can’t get a 10% discount. This coupon can only be redeemed for purchases of over £10 and must be used within 30 days from the date stated on your receipt.

For more information about Superdrug’s products and promotions, you can check out their official website at