If you have recently purchased merchandise or products from Sports Authority, then you have exactly the valuable customer input that they are looking for. Sports Authority takes its customer experiences very seriously, and they want to hear from you. Good, or bad, any feedback helps this organization to provide its customers with a better, and more effective product.

Your feedback can be in reference to a specific product, or to a customer service event at one of their branches. This is a great way for the company to grow and focus its efforts on a better customer satisfaction rating.  Below is a simple guide on how to provide feedback to the company regarding your latest experience.

Required To Register For SportsAuthorityFeedback.com:

  • A computer, PC, laptop, Internet enabled mobile device, etc.
  • Valid email address
  • Other personal information

Steps To Register For SportsAuthorityFeedback.com: 

  1. Click in the URL address bar at the top of your browser screen. Once the cursor is blinking in the URL bar, you will copy and paste the following URL: www.sportsauthorityfeedback.com
  2. Once you have been redirected to the feedback page’s main landing page, you will be asked to fill out some specific information.
  3. On this page, you will be asked to enter the “Survey Invite Number” that is located on the receipt of your latest purchase at the Sports Authority store.
  4. Once you locate the “Survey Invite Number” you will then be asked to fill out the time of the event that you are reporting.
  5. This is valuable information for corporate to narrow down the employees who were present during your event.
  6.  Once you have entered in the pertinent information, you will then click on the red “Start” button located below the previous fields.
  7. After you click the red “Start” button, you will be redirected to a page where you can report your event.