Sam’s Club offers credit card processing for their members in order to help them drive the success of their business. With this comes rates that are low for only members of the club, no fees for early termination, no or low monthly minimums, pricing that is discounted for the terminals to process payments, and reliability that you can expect to get when using First Data. There is a site that you can go to in order to obtain the information that you need to sign up to use the credit card processing each month for your business. It is simple and easy and this is how you go about signing up. Below is a guide on how to sign up for Sam’s Club Credit Card Processing online.

Required to sign up for Sam’s Club Credit Card Processing:

  • Computer with access to the internet

Steps to sign up for Sam’s Club Credit Card Processing:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided:
  2. When the page loads you will want to read over the information that is available. After you have read over it you can click “learn more”.
  3. This will give you more details about the rates and the plans that are available.
  4. If you are interested in using this service over to the right hand side you will see where you can call a phone number to talk with someone. Call this number should you be interested in learning more and possible using this service.
  5. There is also a tab that you can click on to chat with someone. If you click on it a window will pop up and you will need to fill in a bit of information in order to get the chat started.
  6. The last thing you might be interested in is requesting more information. If this is the case for you click “request information”. You can then follow the directions in order to get more information about this great service.
  7. The website is easy to use and you are sure to find everything that you are looking for quickly and easily as long as you follow this guide.