RiteAid Corp first opened their store under the name of Thrift D in Scranton, Pennsylvania back in 1962. It has since grown into 1 of 3 of the the country’s leading drugstore chains. Now with more than 4,600 stores in 31 states, they are the biggest pharmacy operation on the east coast, and the third largest in the US. They employ nearly 89,000 Americans and strive to keep the highest standard of service across all of their operations. In 2010 they added their first ever free customer rewards program called Wellness+. This program provides members with free health and wellness benefits, as well as special discounts and lower prices.

They continue to focus on their customers through their 7 core values which are Passion for their Customers, Caring Neighbors, Associate Development, Commitment to Diversity, Winning through Teamwork, Accountability, and Integrity in All They Do. This is why it is so important for them to keep a constant finger on the pulse of their customers experiences. RiteAid pharmacy strives to improve the health and well being of its customers by engaging them with great service, low prices, and quality products. In order to be sure their level of quality is being maintained across all of their locations they have put together a customer satisfaction survey.

In appreciation of the time you take to complete the survey, they are giving away 11 prizes. The grand prize is $1000. The other 10 prizes are $100. They are giving these 11 prizes away every month, with contests scheduled into March 2014.  Below is a quick guide on how to complete the survey and be entered into the drawing.

Required to participate in the survey:

  • You must have a computer that has access to the internet.
  • You will need the receipt from your latest visit to RiteAid

Steps to complete:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided. www.riteaid.com/storesurvey
  2. You will then need to select which language you want to complete the survey in.
  3. Enter the cashier code at the top of your receipt.
  4. Enter the 16-digit survey invitation code, and press NEXT.
  5. Answer all the questions in the survey with your best recollections of your most recent RiteAid experience.
  6. At the end of the survey you will need to enter your contact information if you want to enter to win.

The contest period begins at 12:00 AM Central time on July 28th, 2013, and ends at 11:59 PM Central time on August 31st, 2013. There are six more contest periods scheduled after that, with the final contest period ending at 11:59 PM Central time on March 01, 2014. So go in and take the survey now and get entered into the drawing.