The Progressive is an insurance company that was founded in 1937. It concentrates its attentions in the auto insurance sector. They provide competitive prices and they are always updating themselves with new services to the customers. They are very well renowned for taking care of their customers. Not only do they provide auto insurance, they provide insurance for boats, commercial vehicles and also offer life and health coverage.

Nowadays, you can manage a Progressive Insurance policy online. Once an account has been registered online, the customer can get all the information about it they need. All security steps have been taken to make this service very safe for customers to use. There are many benefits to managing your policy online. It will save you time from having to make an appointment to go into their office and you can do it anywhere you have a spare 5 minutes. If you are customer of Progressive and wish to register for this, follow the instructions below.

What You Will Need to create a Progressive Online Policy Service Account:

  • A Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet access
  • Make sure you have your drivers license or your Progressive policy number to hand.
  • Valid Email and contact information

Steps to create a Progressive Online Policy Service Account:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2.  Look for the user entrance on the right hand side of the page and click the button labeled ‘Login’.
  3. Scroll down and select “Register Your Policy”
  4. Choose whether you want to use your drivers license or your policy number to register on the website. Type the relevant number in the space provided.
  5. Click ‘Continue’. You will now set your own online account.
  6. Make a user name and password for the online policy service and provide any information required.
  7. Once these steps have been completed, you can now manage your policy online.