Have you visited Prezzo lately? Did you have a particularly notable experience? Well, whether you have good, or bad, feedback they would like to hear from you. No matter what type of experience you had with Prezzo, telling corporate about it will help the company to better serve the community in the future. If you had an experience that you would like to share with the organization in order to streamline the customer service efforts then you can locate the guest survey online and tell them all about it. Below is a guide on how to find and fill out the survey. You will also be entered into their monthly drawing for a prize of £250 of High Street vouchers.

Required To Take Prezzo Feedback Survey:

  • A computer, PC, laptop, Internet enabled mobile device, etc.
  • Valid email address
  • Receipt from your latest Prezzo experience
  • Other personal information

Steps To Complete Prezzo Feedback Survey:

1. Click in the URL address bar at the top of your browser screen. Once the cursor is blinking in the URL bar, you will copy and paste the following URL: www.prezzofeedback.co.uk

2. Once you have been redirected to the main page of this site you will proceed to enter the Survey Code found on the receipt of your latest Prezzo experience.

3. After you have finished entering the survey code in to the appropriate field, you will then check the circle that best describes the time of your visit.

4. Once all of this information is filled out, you will then click the red “Next” button.

5. You will then be redirected to the survey.

6. First you will have to enter personal information that helps corporate to understand your demographic and compare that to the demographic of others who have has similar or differing experiences.

7. Then you will be guided through a series of questions pertaining specifically to the experience that you had at Prezzo.