How easy is it to manage a Royal Prestige Account? With Citi Prepaid Services, it is easier than ever. Once, payroll systems, companies, as well as federal and state level agencies lived during a time in which everything was printed on paper. Although today’s age is dominated by technology, digital media, and computers, we still rely heavily on paper. Many companies have remained blissfully unaware of the immense ecological impact that excess paper usage has had on the planet. But as of yet, 1200 companies work directly with Citi Prepaid Services, acknowledging the corporate and eco-friendly benefits of this approach. Not only is this prepaid system great for the environment, but it is great for company capital and the pocket books.

But just how great are these Citi Prepaid Services? While this may come as a shock, they are not akin to your typical prepaid debit card. In fact, they go far beyond this. They have charitable involvement, in addition to personal use options. When there is a disaster, or a volunteer is in desperate need of aid of any sort, Citibank can get them the funds extremely fast. This is imperative for a few fundamental reasons. Sometimes without emergency aid, tragedy can ensure, especially when there is a dire need for medical help, food or water. Hence in this sense, Citi Prepaid Services helps others at a tremendous level.

It’s time for companies to advance into the new era of distributing payments. Many companies are reluctant to abandon their old rules or ways of going about things. However, those who have shed their reliance on paper payments have experienced a notable increase in funds, capital and money, as well as resources.


  • Enter your username and password into the login area.
  • Internet and computer access are a must.
  • Royal Prestige account registration must be complete


How To Manage Your Royal Prestige Holdings Account With Citi Prepaid Services

  1. Visit
  2. Login using your username and password
  3. Enter the web portal in order to access and manage your account