Citi Prepaid Services now introduces a novel approach to managing financial accounts, prepaid cards, disbursements and a variety of other funds through its fast paced, convenient, electronic system. 1200 organizations and companies have embarked upon a partnership with Citi, in an effort to manage funds more effectively. This has resulted in a decrease in paper use, and subsequently, an increase in efficiency and capital. Millions of companies and individuals expend paper and money, relying on printing and natural resources to disburse checks and other payments. Citi Prepaid services alleviate the pressure exerted on the bottom line, providing consumers, organizations and corporations with an alternative. The service emcompasses a communal emphasis, and appeals to a massive market, not simply the conventional consumers of prepaid services. When many people envision the target market for prepaid services, they immediately conjure thoughts of low-income individuals with a poorly established credit history of closed bank accounts. Citi, however, is systematizing the approach to finance, and radically altering this stereotypical image of prepaid services. These services are geared to individuals in the higher education realms of society, as well as claimants, and pension and worker’s compensation recipients. In addition to this, this service expedites charitable aid during emergencies. Sometimes, relief efforts are delayed, resulting in more havoc. However, Citi Prepaid Services is designed for rapid relief during times of desperate need.

This prepaid system is fortified for security in many ways, as it lessens the likelihood of check fraud, check theft or loss. This feature alone saves money because the electronic funds are heavily secured in the digital sphere. It should also be noted that this program enables payroll departments to better allocate and manage funds, just as it grants employees enhanced access to funds. The wide appeal and utilitarian nature of these services has left many customers happy and satisfied. Below is a guide on how you can manage your pre-checks with Citi Prepaid Services.

Requirements To Manage Pre-checks With Citi Prepaid Services:

  • A Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet access
  • Zip code, city and state information
  • Pre-checks account information

How To Manage Pre-checks With Citi Prepaid Services:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2. Enter zip code, city and state information to login and manage your account.