PepBoys members enjoy a variety of different benefits by managing their accounts with Citi Prepaid Services, a revolutionary payment method that has systematically changed the face of prepaid cards. In the conventional sense, a prepaid card is used to routinely load small amounts of funds, typically under $1500. This is often reserved for the subpopulation without a positive financial history or active bank account. However, Citi Prepaid Services has taken this to an entirely different level, appealing to a vast market that also encompasses corporations and governmental agencies. In total, this program is partnered with about 1200 different corporations and organizations.

One of the primary distinctions that differentiates this program from other prepaid card services is that it offers rapid, charitable relief for natural disaster and ass tragedy aid efforts. This is critical in the sense that it expedites the rate of travel for desperately need funds during times of immense need. This may refer to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornado, etc. And of course, this service offers a unique advantage of electronic government benefits, in the form of worker’s compensation and pensions.

Its benefits also transfer over the the realm of higher education. Each year, students anticipate refunds, loan and scholarship disbursements and much more. This program enables students to receive immediate access to their refunds and aid money through electronic means. Once the electronic payment is available on the card, students can immediately use the card at any location that accepts the debit card, purchasing much needed school supplies and textbooks. In the past, students were forced to await paper checks in order to deposit their student refunds. With a lower cost delivery and better funds allocation, this card is helping businesses and institutions everywhere.

Requirements For Managing Your Pepboys Account With Citi Prepaid Services

  • Username and password
  • Internet connection and computer or mobile access
  • Citi Prepaid services account
  • Pepboys account

How To Manage Your Pepboys Account With Citi Prepaid Services

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username and password to login