Notre Dame members have something to feel invigorated about, and it is convenient, expedient, fast and readily accessible to the masses. It is the Citi Prepaid Services program, which has been servicing over 1200 different companies and organizations for some time now. This program was designed for those who have grown weary with the burdens and costs associated with paper payments. Paper based payments have culminated in a few fundamental disadvantages for recipients, companies and large organizations. Firstly, they deprive the Earth of much needed natural resources at an alarming rate, disrupting the balance of ecosystems at a global level. Secondly, they require an influx of funds from the companies disbursing the checks, which deducts from the amount of available capital. And finally, it makes the lives of employees and payment recipients more difficult. For those without a bank account, financial management and online bill payments can be a hassle. However, these Citi Prepaid Services were introduced to decrease the excessive reliance on aged payroll and payment methods, and propel the world into the new age of finance.

This is one of the most multifaceted cards on the market. In addition to giving its consumers a host of different benefits, it caters to federal and state level government agencies as well, providing them with a secure payment method. The rates of fraud become negligible because there are no paper checks to be stolen or forged. Everything is done securely using the online system. This service is uniquely distinguished by its ability to place funds in the hands of charitable organizations, who require immediate relief efforts to help alleviate the stress of natural disasters and tragedies.

Requirements For Managing Your Notre Dame Account With Citi Prepaid Services

  • You will require a username and password to log in to the system
  • Internet connection and computer or mobile access are required
  • Citi Prepaid services account
  • You will need a Notre Dame account

How To Manage Your Notre Dame Account With Citi Prepaid Services

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username and password to login