With the Citi Prepaid Services program, Maytag account holders can manage their services, payment and billing options online. This is no conventional prepaid card program. Traditionally, these types of debit cards are limited only to consumer use on a small scale, with a relatively low account limit. However, Citi Prepaid services has transcended these barriers, by magnifying its approach to a corporation and governmental level. 1200 companies and agencies utilize these services in order to shed inefficient business and payment practices, and to adopt a hastier, more technologically advanced and ecologically safe method of performing business transactions. Many companies continue to rely on paper payments as an alternative to bank account direct deposit. This rests firmly in the fact that many employees lack an active bank account. Even employees with an active bank account often defer to paper checks instead. However, with Citi Prepaid Services, individuals can easily access their funds, payments, pensions, charity, or worker’s compensation.

With a consultative approach, Citi Prepaid Services lives up to its name, offering superb levels of customer satisfaction. Along with these benefits, those awaiting federal or state level benefits, such as pensions and worker’s compensation, are granted the ability to retrieve electronic funds, without the added hassle of a paper check. Furthermore, this service markedly reduces the incidence of fraud, or the loss or theft of checks. This electronic platform increases the overall security of payments, payroll and much more. People are allotted many options, including the ability to receive instantaneously charitable aid. This program was designed for ease, speed and convenience, especially for tragic situations in which funds are needed desperately. For this reason, Citi Prepaid Card Services provides immediate payments that can be rapidly accessed through its electronic system. This is advantageous in dire disasters or situations.

Requirements For Managing Maytag Account Through Citi Prepaid Services

  • Username and password
  • Internet connection and computer or mobile access
  • Citi Prepaid services account
  • Maytag Account

How To Log Into Citi Prepaid Services Account

  1. Visit www.prepaid.citi.com/maytag
  2. Enter your username and password to login