Citi Prepaid Services have removed the burden from the bottom line, and given people and businesses a way to save money, and get the most out of their daily practices. Consider the following scenario. You manage the payroll department in a struggling company, which requires a bit more capital in order to stay afloat. Every two weeks, a large sum of money is allocated to the printing costs associated with paper checks, as well as the cost of the paper itself. This cuts in substantially to the company’s available capital, putting your company at risk for financial struggle. This is why many businesses and organizations have switched over to the cost-effective, paper and printing free method of payment, the Citi Prepaid Services Program.

This particular program makes it possible to pay all employees electronically, whether they have a bank account or not. This is because everything is stored on a readily accessible, easy to use prepaid card that is accepted at most locations.This tool is incredibly valuable because integrates everything a company needs to disburse payments, manage funds, and eliminate stolen checks. It is no surprise that many payroll departments now use this automated system in order to pay their employees. In addition to payroll, claimants, beneficiaries and recipients of both worker’s compensation and pensions can receive benefits using this system.

Charitable foundations and educational programs are not ruled out from these services. This is another key feature that distinguishes this Citi Prepaid Services from other programs. Students can anticipate receiving their student refunds on their debit cards, instead of paper checks. Furthermore, these individuals can enjoy the added advantage of shopping for textbooks and supplies much sooner. And finally, charities and volunteers can receive aid much sooner using this service.

Requirements For Managing Your Payroll Account With Citi Prepaid Services

  • Username and password
  • Internet connection and computer or mobile access
  • Citi Prepaid services account
  • Payroll access

How To Manage Your Payroll Account With Citi Prepaid Services 

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username and password to login