The prepaid card era lies before us, and it is proliferating at an amazing rate. It was initially introduced as an alternative to a bank account, for those whose accounts were regrettably closed. Others have utilized prepaid cards in order to secure their bank funds. For example, bill pay and online shopping is often reserved for prepaid cards in an effort to protect the integrity of a bank account. Citi Prepaid Services has introduced a novel financial interface that is concurrent with this prepaid card trend, and it operates independently of a bank account. While bank account management services are possible with this program, an active checking or debit account is not required.

The Citi Prepaid Services program operates at both a minimal scale and a macroscopic scale, serving both individuals and large corporations alike. Its influence permeates payroll systems, charity, and government benefits, as well.  Historically (and presently) companies have relied on the excessive use of paper checks in order to disburse benefits and payments to its recipients, thereby amassing significant costs that could have been allocated elsewhere in the company. However, Citi Prepaid Services has usurped control of the payment industry by making paper checks obsolete. With paper payments, there is the added risk of fraud, theft or loss-all of which put the company and the recipient out of hard earned money. But with the advent of this prepaid service, people can rest assured that their funds will never be lost or stolen.

It is important to note that this service is not limited to payroll checks-although this is a significant facet of this program. Employees can experience the convenience of receiving their funds automatically, in the form of a handy prepaid debit card. Alternatively, those in wait of worker’s compensation or pensions can dismiss traditional paper checks and receive their funds on the card, as well.

Requirements For Managing Halliburton Account

  1. Username and password
  2. Internet connection and computer or mobile access
  3. Halliburton account
  4. Citi Prepaid services account

How To Manage Halliburton Account

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username and password to login