When you consider the scope of paper usage on this expansive globe, it becomes necessary to prompt a massive transformation, which Citi Prepaid Services can be aptly credited with. Over the years, businesses have been stricken with the unfortunate circumstance of paper-based payroll and payment systems. But now, 1,200 different organizations, companies and agencies can enjoy the the benefits of automated pay, enabling them to rapidly transmit funds to their recipients. By streamlining payments, Citi Prepaid Services have reduced company costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, and contributed to the ease at which pensions,compensation and aid relief can be disbursed to recipients. Operating on both a state and federal level, this program has rid many organizations of their inefficiencies.

Now, with this universal, prepaid solution to all things payment or payroll related, customers can enjoy the convenience of managing their accounts directly online. With automated payments, government agencies can now expedite the course of payment to their recipients, and no bank account is required for this efficient service. Not to mention, the consultative concept behind this service makes communication easier among Citi Prepaid Services, senders and receivers of payments. With a personalized approach to each payment sent, customers can enjoy the benefits of superb service. Everything can be performed using a single tool, the Citi Prepaid Services.

Of course, this program is not limited to the everyday consumer, as it caters to the masses, which also encompasses large governmental corporations, worker’s compensation and pensions, and charitable aid relief when applicable. Pension recipients can experiences the grand opportunity of receiving their payments through this prepaid interface system, with or without a bank account. Those in dire need of charity can successfully overcome their emergency situation with rapid aid relief. And recipients of government aid of any sort can be bestowed immediate access to their funds through this system. Along with these advantages, any customer enrolled in the goodyear rewards program can redeem rewards and manage their account using this service. Below is a guide on how to manage your Goodyear Account with Citi Prepaid Services online.

Requirements to Managing Goodyear Account:

  • Card number and security code
  • Goodyear account
  • Citi Prepaid Services Account

Steps on How To Manage Goodyear Account:

  • Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here: www.prepaid.citi.com/goodyear
  • Login to account using card number and security code