With the aid of Citi Prepaid services, 1200 organizations can dispose of their paper checks, preserve the environment and take an ecologically friendly approach to both helping their payment recipients and reducing company costs. This prepaid payment system integrates everything the payroll department needs in order to disburse funds with ease. With the added advantages of bank account management and an expedient payroll system, this service is used frequently by government professionals, and it eliminates the requirement of an active bank account. Whether a recipient banks or not, they can receive their funds rapidly through a prepaid card. With its consultative framework, communication lines are always readily flowing between payment senders and payment recipients. Among its many benefits, this program is a single, integrated tool that eliminates unnecessary steps and makes the payment process as easy as possible. It also employs a protective mechanism that markedly lowers the occurrence of check fraud, as lost or stolen checks are removed from the equation. Many customers who use this system report high satisfaction ratings.

At a more macroscopic scale, this service is used frequently by government agencies as a secure, expedient payment method. At a federal and state level, people are guaranteed their funds in a timely fashion. They can receive their pension, payroll payments, and even their worker’s compensation. Ever since the prepaid card graced the financial area, it has lifted the burden associated with delayed bank and paper payment transactions. It has bestowed many with a sense of financial security, even those who lacked an active checking or debit account. Clearly, Citi has capitalized on this trend.

General Motors happens to be one of the many businesses that Citi Prepaid Services caters to. People who utilize this service can now manage their account with GM by simply visiting the site and logging. Like millions of others, they have been granted a sense of financial freedom.

Requirements For Managing GM Certified Service

  1. Username and password
  2. Internet connection and computer or mobile access
  3. GM account
  4. Citi PRepaid services account

How To Manage GM Certified Service

  1. Visit www.prepaid.citi.com/gmcertifiedservice
  2. Enter your username and password to login