Acuvue started in the late 1950s as a small contact lens company. It wasn’t until the early 80s that the company began to grow into becoming one of the largest contact lens brands in the country. Acuvue provides disposable contact lenses that are available in varying degrees. Some contact lenses are designed to only last for a day, but there are other lenses that can last for two weeks without being replaced. The wide array of contact lenses and products has lead Acuvue to be a highly recognized brand.

Citibank serves as a major banking corporation that has the Acuvue brand located on one type of their prepaid cards. Citibank provides online services to their customers, which allow them to explore their online financial status from any computer. This status involves knowing what their transaction history has been and what their current balance may be. Through the prepaid Citibank card it is now possible for people who don’t have a Citibank account to do the same thing. Without registering a person has the ability to check their balance constantly to keep up to date on their finances. With a prepaid card, there is also no threat of over drafting your account and receiving the large fees that come with it. Below is a guide on how you can access and manage your Acuvue Rebate card online.

What You Will Need to use the Prepaid Citibank Card site to Access and manage your Acuvue Card:

  • A Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet access

Steps to use the Prepaid Citibank Card site to Access and manage your Acuvue Card:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2. Type in your username
  3. Type in your password

Note: If this is your first time using your card, you may have to register your card.

Registering your card:

  1. Click on the register your card link below the sign in part of the site.
  2. Type in the card number
  3. Type in the security code

Note: You don’t have to register or login in order to view your account balance and transactions.