5LINX® is a telecommunications company providing service in the United States along with 20 countries across the world since 2000.  The company was started by 3 creative thinkers, Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck and Jason Guck. Together they created a variety of products and services through their over 60 years of experience in direct sales and telecommunications. 5LLINX® offers products such as a heath care planed called enhancedcardMD, security systems, Internet, fiber TV, Satellite TV, PowerPlay which is a blue tooth device that lets you wirelessly stream music, the Velocity V2 android tablet, payment solutions, identity theft plans, TextAlertz, an online backup service called 5LINX® Data Vault and much more. Headquarters can be found in New York. Their popular product is the video phone. If you are a 5LINX® representative, your bonuses and commissions are provided on a 5LINX® Visa Pay Card provided by ECount, a company owned by Citi. Below is a guide on how to register for online access and management for your personal 5LINX® card backed by the Citigroup.

Required to register your 5LINX® card for online management:

  • Computer or Laptop with access to the internet
  • Your personal 5LINX® card
  • Valid Email
  • Other personal information

Steps to registering online management of your 5LINX® card:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here: www.Prepaid.citi.com/5linx
  2. Under the FIRST TIME USER section, click on the link “Register your card now”.
  3. Enter in your 16 digit card number that can be found on your 5LINX® card.
  4. Enter the security code found on the back of your 5LINX® card.
  5. Click on the “Next” button.
  6. Process to provide and fill out all the required information to set up online access.

For any other assistance on your card, contact ECount by calling 1-800-422-1992 or online at www.myecount.com/5LINX