Pep Boys Automotive store is a national retail auto parts store with locations in all 50 US States. They currently have over 700 stores. This is one among the many names that Americans trust in aftermarket auto parts and services. They also specialize at most of their stores in selling tires for your vehicles. Pep Boys would like to continue with their growth and in order to do so they would like to hear from you the consumer in a survey they have provided at

For those who participate in the survey, Pep Boys is glad to enter you into a drawing to win up to $5000 in prizes. Below we have provided some quick steps as to how to enter.

Required to participate in survey:

  • Computer which has access to internet.
  • A receipt from a recent purchase at your local Pep Boys.
  • The survey should be completed in no more than thirty days from the date of your purchase.
  • Must be a legal US citizen over the age of 18

Steps to complete survey:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if you system allows click the link we have provided for you.
  2. Depending on the whether you made a purchase or had services done, you will need to  choose either ‘product purchase’ or ‘service repair’.
  3. You will then be asked to input some personal information.
  4. The you will be prompted to enter the transaction number found on your receipt. Also insert your personal customer and store numbers found on the receipt as well.
  5. Click the button “click here to start survey”.
  6. You will now begin being asked question in regards to how your last visit and purchase went at your local Pep Boys. Feel free to answer questions completely honestly and they would like to know what you did/ or did not enjoy about your visit.

All information you provide will be confidential. Again once you submit survey, your information will be inserted in the drawing to win up to $5000 in prizes.