Online dating is all the rage these days and for good reason. It takes out much of the awkwardness and guesswork that goes with trying to meet someone randomly or trusting your friends for a blind date. It also simplifies things profoundly as well. Lastly, more and more dating sites are being manned by relationship professionals dedicated to helping you find the right person.

Required to Send OKCupid Feedback Online

• A Computer or Laptop or Mobile Phone or tablet with access to the internet.
• You must have an active account with

Steps to Send OKCupid Feedback

1. Go to
2. You must first pick from the dropdown “Why Are You Contacting Us”, choosing a reason that most closely matches your motive for leaving feedback.
3. Next, choose a subject for your message. Your subject should be descriptive and unique, but not overly long or burdening. Just summarize why you’re contacting them in as few words as possible.
4. The “Tell us about your problem” box is where you can really describe what your issue is. In fact, it even prompts you to “be as descriptive as possible”, so make sure you leave nothing out. When OkCupid responds, they will do so based solely on what you write there so make sure it’s complete.
5. Provide them with your e-mail address, preferably the one associated with your account. Don’t use one you don’t want receiving OkCupid related e-mails (i.e. your work email).
6. “Attachment” offers you an opportunity to provide a screenshot of the incident. This is especially helpful in cases where you believe someone is responsible for wrongdoing. The screenshot takes out the “he said/she said” ambiguity.”
7. The “Are you human?” prompt is merely checking to make sure you’re not spam. Type in the word you see.
8. Hit send and you are finished!