Are you looking for a new career in the hot job market of Oil and Gas? OilandGasJobSearch is a leader in connecting employees with employers in the oil in gas field. The company is currently receiving over 10,000 oil and gas job posts from companies worldwide each month. This is a easy and fast way to get your name in the door. You can register for jobs by field or location and receive instant alerts when a job post is listed that matches your criteria giving you a timely advantage.

The site also allows you to upload a copy of your resume to the site so that recruiters and employers can see them. The site gives you the most up to date salary guides for the oil and gas industry so you can know in advance what you should expect. Below is a quick guide to get registered with the company and get the exposure you deserve.

Required to register:

  • Pc with access to the internet
  • Must be of legal working age in state of employment
  • Valid email address
  • Copy of resume ( not required but helps greatly)

Steps to register:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided.
  2. Click the REGISTER tab in top right corner
  3. Fill out name, email and job title
  4. Click continue agreeing to the terms of service
  5. Upload a copy of your most up to date resume
  6. Answer questions prompted in regards to Country, Region, Preferred job, etc.
  7. To submit click “OK I Understand” on the following page.

Once submitted you can search jobs and sign in anytime to see updates.