If you are in New Jersey and need to claim unemployment benefits (UI), you can file an unemployment benefits claim online. There are some restrictions you need to be aware of before filing your claim, they may not prevent you from collecting but you may not be able to do an online application if any of the following applies to you:

• You worked in other states within the past 18 months.
• You were employed by the federal government in the past 18 months
• You were on active duty with the military in the past 18 months
• You were a maritime employee in the past 18 months
• You lived, or live, outside the United States

If any of those conditions apply to you, call and make an appointment to talk with a Benefits Specialist to see what options are available for you to claim.

What you will need:

• A computer, laptop, smart phone or mobile device with an Internet connection
• Past 18 months New Jersey work history
• Pen and paper
• Social Security Number
• Driver’s License or New Jersey State ID Card Number (not required)
• Alien Registration Documentation (if applicable)
• Bank Information (for direct deposit, if desired)
Steps to file an unemployment benefits claim online:
1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here: www.njuifile.com
2. Click on the link, “File or Reopen Your UI Claim.”
3. Scroll down and click on “File a Claim.”
4. Click on “No” to open a new UI account, “Yes” if you already have an account name and password.
5. If “Yes,” log in to your account, select “File a Claim” and fill out the requested information.
6. If “No,” create a user name and password, then click on “File a Claim” and fill out the requested information.
7. Save the application.
8. Submit the application.

It is very important to remember to save your information as you are filling out your unemployment benefits application online. If your account is inactive for 30 minutes, the system will automatically log you out and you will lose any unsaved information and have to start over.