The Subway sandwich chain is just about everywhere these days having staked its claim to the new breed of fast food chains pitching a healthy product. In 2001, the sandwich shop actually surpassed McDonald’s in number of restaurants worldwide with over 33,000 shops. Given their popularity, you might be interested in working for them. If they continue to grow, you can rely on a steady job and, if nothing else, you probably get a nice bargain on sandwiches. Below is a guide on how to apply for a job position with Subway.

What you will need to Apply and Search for a job with Subway

  • Computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone
  • Access to Internet
  • Valid email address
  • Other personal information

Steps to Search for a job with Subway

  1. Go to
  2. Select the country you would like to work in.

On the next page, you will be presented with several options: Job Descriptions, Apply Now, Subway Career Path and Part of the Family. Each link does the following:

  1. Job Descriptions: this link will take you to a page that describes the different job positions that exist with Subway. They include: Sandwich Artist, Senior Sandwich Artist, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, Manager and Multi Unit Manager. For each position you will be given a summary, tasks and responsibilities the position covers and prerequisites. Each position also has an “Apply Now” link.
  2. Apply Now: this is the link to hit if you’re ready to start working in your area. You can search by your address or the store number to find what positions are available near you.
  3. Subway Career Path: this page offers a simple diagram of the progression up the corporate ladder from Sandwich Artist to Multi-Unit Manager. By clicking on any of the positions, you will be brought to their Job Descriptions page.
  4. Part of the Family: through this link you will find a page wherein Subway highlights some of its best employees throughout the country. Someday this could be you!

If you’re ready to start applying, click the second option, “Apply Now” and go through the following four steps:

  1. Search for location: enter your address or the store number you want to work at.
  2. Pick a Store: after the website returns the results in your area, find a store you’d like to work at.
  3. When you do that, you’ll be asked to enter your e-mail. You will then be able to apply to the open position at that store.

Congratulations and best of luck working at the world’s largest fast food chain.