InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions was formed in 1997. It is a private company and is owned by Matitz Inc. The headquarters are in Fenton in Missouri. This company provides finance and incentive services to personal customers. It concentrates it’s business on card programmes, sales incentives and rebate programmes. This scheme helps customers to restrict their spending habits by limiting where they can actually use the card.

Once a customer receives an InteliSpend prepaid reward card, you can then go to the website related to the card and register for an account. This account and website will let you manage your prepaid reward card. You can do this online wherever you are and whenever you choose as long as you have internet access. To register for this website, you need to have your card number and the security code to hand. Once registered online, you can view all your recent transactions, track purchases, check your balance and view updated card information among other activities. Below is a guide on how to activate your InteliSpend Prepaid card.

What You Will Need to Activate Your InteliSpend Prepaid Card:

  • A Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet access
  • An Intellispend prepaid reward card
  • Valid Email and contact information

Steps to Activate Your InteliSpend Prepaid Card:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2. Enter the card number and the expired date of the card into the relevant space on the website.
  3.  Click ‘Log In’.
  4. You will then be transferred to the management page of your Intellispend account.
  5. From here, choose the service you need to access on the menu that appears.