Congratulations, apparently if you looking to create or sign in to your NationStar Mortgage account for the first time, you perhaps recently received a loan on a new home. NationStar Mortgage is one of the leading mortgage companies that offers these home loans. They are a A rated company headquartered in Texas that have been in operation since 1997, employee more than 4000 loan experts, and have over 1.9 million loans with an aggregate unpaid principal balance in excess of $312 billion . NationStar mortage now provides you access online at where you can contact customer care services with just a click of a mouse, check your loan summary, statements, Escrow analysis and pay payments or view your loans history among other benefits. We have provided you a quick guide below to help you get started in accessing you loan online.

Needed to sign up to access you account:

  1. Computer with access to the internet.
  2. Your NationStar Loan Number
  3. Last 4 digits of the account holder Social Security number.

To begin the sign up process:

    1. Click the link provided here, or copy and paste the following into your browser.
    2. On the top right of the homepage, you will find a sign in option where you can input your username and password if you already have an account. Below the sign in icon, you will see “New to NationStar?”  Click on the “Register” icon which automatically takes you to a new page for more information.
    3. You will now be prompted to entire your NationStar Mortgage loan number . You will also be required to enter the last 4 digits of the accountholders Social Security # here.
    4. You will now need to create a Username and Password for future log in access. This will require you to enter your email address.
    5. Now you need to add security details that will help you in case you forget your password or username in the future. In this section, you are required to pick a random question and an answer that only you can remember.
    6. Finally you need to pass the anti spam test called CAPTCHA. All you need to do is enter the digits that you see above the box or request for an audio test. After this, click “Continue”.

You have now signed up and have access to view your NationStar Mortgage loan information online. Any question you have from here in regards to your account, can easily be answered by contacting customer service through your new account.