Hallmark has reigned supreme in the greeting card industry for decades. That isn’t enough for them though, as they take into consideration the feedback from their return customers along with those who occasionally shop. That’s why they have set up www.myhallmarkvisit.com to get customer feedback and comments.

Its products aren’t limited to greeting cards only. Today, you can purchase a wide variety of affordable gift items for just about any holiday or occasion. With Hallmark, if it’s something that people are celebrating then you can be sure that Hallmark is celebrating right along with them.

Of course, even a giant like Hallmark doesn’t sit on its laurels. It always makes sure that it knows how to serve its customers properly so that the company stays at the #1 spot in the hearts and minds of customers.

How to Join the Hallmark Customer Experience Survey

You’ll need a PC with an Internet access, along with the receipt from your last purchase at Hallmark.

  1. Go online and visit www.myhallmarkvisit.com. You’ll be taken directly to the survey site.
  2. The survey is in English, but you have the option of taking it in Spanish if you wish (si quieres).
  3. You’ll need to fill in the survey number, date, time (this is military time in which 1pm is 1300) and the total amount you purchased on your last visit. The date and time are chosen from drop-down menus. All of these things are in the receipt, and there’s a handy graphic that shows where you can find each information in the receipt.
  4. Answer the survey questions thoroughly and don’t skip anything. Follow the instructions until you complete the survey.
  5. If you have problems with the details, just click on the Help link at the bottom so that you can receive instructions on how to contact Hallmark about the issue.

Of course, you’re not just participating in the survey so that you can do your part in informing the company about how to improve its already considerable services. Aside from getting a validate code for $2 off, you’ll also get a chance to win an iPod. Plus, you also get ten chances to win a thousand dollars in cash. That’s not bad, considering that you only take a few minutes to complete the customer experience survey.