The Money Network system is a unique way to solve a banking problem. For many people, depositing their paycheck into a regular bank may not be their best option. With Money Network, your paycheck is direct deposited into your Money Network account for use with your Money Network MasterCard or Money Network checks. The checks can be used at any Money Network check cashing location and the MasterCard can be used at any participating ATM or anywhere the MasterCard logo is accepted. If you have a Money Network card, you can use their Money Network ATM locator to find the nearest Money Network ATM. These ATMs will not charge your account any additional fees for using their services. While you can use your Money Network card in almost all ATMs, it will cost more. You can withdraw or pay with the card only to the limits of the funds in your account. When you use the Money Network check cashing feature, the amount you can cash the check for is also limited to the funds held. You cannot write a Money Network check for deposit to anyone else. Another bonus of using the ATM locator is it provides easy directions from your location to the nearest machine. Below is a guide on how to use the Convenient Money Network ATM Locator.

What You Will Need to use the Convenient Money Network ATM Locator:

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet access
  • Address, City or Zip Code

Steps to use the Convenient Money Network ATM Locator: 

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2. Click on “Locate ATMS and More”
  3. Enter the address, city or zip code
  4. Select search filter for Cash Reload Network, Surcharge Free ATMs and/or Free Check Cashing
  5. Click on “GO”
  6. View results on map, by list or click on “Directions” to see written directions