Michael’s is one of the largest arts and crafts supply stores in North America. They feature classes, events, community programs and workshops to help you unleash your creativity. While you can shop their online store or brick and mortar store and use any of the coupons in their circular, you can also become a member of the Michaels Loyalty Rewards Program to earn additional discounts. The Michael’s Loyalty Rewards program has recently undergone some changes to make it easier for customers to access their discounts. In 2012, it moved from an online program to an in-store access program. You can still check the amount of Rewards points you have accumulated, but you no longer have to log on and manually enter a sales receipt number to register the points to your account. When you check out in the store, simply have the cashier scan the Loyalty Rewards program card or enter the program number on your card when purchasing on line to have the points assigned to your account. To get started, fill out the registration information in the store and pick up your card. You can then go online to sign up for their Michaels Loyalty Rewards program account access.

What you will need to sign up for Michael’s Loyalty Rewards program:

  • Computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone
  • Access to Internet
  • Michael’s Loyalty Rewards card and number issued to you when you visited a local store.
  • Your address, phone number and email address

Steps to sign up for Michael’s Loyalty Rewards program:

  1. Type www.michaels.com./loyalty in the address bar of your browser and hit enter.
  2. Click on “Register your Michael’s Loyalty Rewards Card”
  3. Enter in the number under the bar code on your Loyalty Rewards card
  4. Enter in your account information, name and contact information
  5. Choose a User ID and password
  6. Select security questions and answers
  7. Click on “Submit”
  8. Check your email for the verification notice from Michael’s.
  9. Click on the link on the email.
  10. Log into the account and follow the steps to manage your Michael’s account.