McDonalds restaurants have provided delicious and fast meals to over 1 billion people in their history. They have grown from a small, single restaurant owned by Ray Kroc to develop into one of the model franchises in the world.  Creating a constantly changing menu along with maintaining a stable of old favorite foods has allowed McDonalds to continue to grow and keep their restaurants fresh.  This is done by knowing exactly what the customer is looking for and McDonalds has found that a customer satisfaction survey is a great way to understand exactly what the customer wants.

Many people are in need of a job today and they should consider joining the over 761,000 employees who started working for McDonalds recently.  Applying for a job at McDonalds has never been easier because they have a simple online application, that is easy to fill out and will help connect interested workers with available jobs in very quick order.

The McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey is an easy to take online questionnaire that is designed to take little time but provide the franchise with the ideas that will allow they to stay fresh in a fast food market that is ever changing.  This valuable information is used to develop everything from pricing to customer service.  McDonalds has blazed the trail in fast food preparation and listening to the voice of their customers has been a big reason why.

Taking this simple survey gives the customer a chance to be heard.  McDonalds wants to know what sandwiches, games or specialty offers that people have enjoyed and would like to see again.  As an incentive to fill out the survey, they offer a validation code that will be good for either a free item or a discount on your next purchase at one of their restaurants.  You simply write the code down and present it to the cashier at your next visit. Below is a guide on how you can enter in the

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by step Guide

  1. Visit McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey official website at
  2. Enter Store#, KS #, select Date and Time of your visit, enter Order and Amount Spent which can be found on your receipt, then click “Start”
  3. Select your order type
  4. Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this McDonald’s
  5. Rate your satisfaction with areas such as “The exterior cleanliness of the restaurant”, “The taste of your food”, “The quality of your food” etc based on your visit
  6. Select the likelihood that you will return to or recommend this Mcdonald’s in the next 30 days
  7. Answer the open question about the reason that you were satisfied or not satisfied with your experience at this McDonald’s
  8. Select answers to questions like “Did the crew members smile while interacting with you?”, “Did you customize your order or have a special request?”, “Which fast food restaurants have you visited in the past 30 days” etc based on your visit
  9. Write the validation code on your receipt