The United States Postal Office has used created a series of tools that use the Internet effectively to make changing your address and using other postal services easier and more convenient. If you have placed a change of address order, in person or online, and need to update the information you can do so easily. The first thing you need to do is to locate the confirmation code. If you placed your original change of address order online then you will find the code in the confirmation email or on the confirmation page you printed out for your records. If you placed the original change of address order in person then the code will be on the confirmation card that you received in the mail. You can update almost all of the information on your original change of address order. The most common field that is updated is the date at which the new address comes into effect. Moving is never as concise as we would like it to be and with this online service from USPS, you can keep up with your changes without losing track of your mail.

What you will need to make a USPS Change of Address Order Update:

  • Computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone
  • Access to Internet
  • New zip code
  • Confirmation Code

Steps to make a USPS Change of Address Order Update:

  1. Type in the address bar of your browser and hit enter.
  2. Enter the new zip code of the change of address
  3. Enter the confirmation code you received initially and click “Continue.”
  4. Edit the information you wish to update
  5. Save and submit the change of address order
  6. Save the confirmation code in case you need to update the order later.

There are some fields that you will not be allowed to update such as your name. If the information on your change of address order that needs to be updated is in a field that cannot be changed, cancel the order and place a new one. Make sure to save the confirmation code for the new change of address order incase that needs to be updated as well.