LabCorp is a scientifically advanced company that specializes in genetic testing services. People undergo such testing for a variety of reasons, including paternity testing, or genetic testing that screens for harmful genes. No matter how complex or simple a routine genetic test is, however, LabCorp can handle it.

There site is relatively convenient, as it allows individuals to locate the nearest lab, schedule an appointment, change or cancel an appointment, and determine billing related inquiries and lab testing results. It also contains an additional portal, reserved for health care providers. This website gives them the power to seek out resources, determine the most recent advances in the genetic testing world, and gain access to a variety of different tools. And finally, this website also contains a section reserved specifically for insurers, allowing them to learn about LabCorp, locate the closest lab, and access a variety of different data and resources.

This company takes an obscure topic, such as genetics, and brings it to the homes of its consumers. This type of service is exceedingly important for several reasons. If gives people the ability to peer into their genetic history, identify any risks or flaws, and approach them from a medically healthy standpoint.


 What You Need To Start Managing Your LabCorp Bills

  • Online registration with LabCorp
  • History with LabCorp
  • An invoice code and billing zip code
  • A reliable internet connection and computer


 How to Start Managing Your LabCorp Bills

  1. Visit
  2. On the patient portion of the page (to the left), click on the link that says “my bill”.
  3. Enter your invoice code and zip code to access your billing data.
  4. Afterward, you will navigate to your billing page, and have the opportunity to manage your expenses on the account.