If you live in Texas then you have probably heard of the Klein Independent School district.  This is a district that has set up a unique learning environment by allowing the children of their community school district to become better citizens by encouraging them to learn in unique and powerful ways.  These learning districts have set a powerful example for other schools that are trying to develop a nurturing environment.  Part of the core of the school is the communication between the schools, their staff and the parents of the children that are attending them.

Many people choose to live in Klein each year because the e3ducation of their children matters to them and the y want to give them the best chance that they can to get a great start in life.  One of the hallmarks of the Klein schools is that they have immaculate facilities which are new and high functioning.  But the most attractive part of this educational system is that they really focus on the character and academics of those that are being educated.  This is done in part by maintaining an active volunteer program, highly qualified educators and staff and by keeping the children in the school safe in their environment.  This is for all levels of the school from the elementary to the high school.  They make student success their number one goal.

Here is how to sign up and participate in the Parent Connection to the School, this will enable you as the parent or guardian to view the current grades, attendance and to get all of this student information through an email system.

Requirements are simply that you are the parent or guardian of a student at one of the Klein schools, and have a device to access the internet.

  1. Copy and paste the following url into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided. www.kleinisd.net
  2. You must choose a language that you communicate in most comfortably; English, Spanish, or Vietnamese are the choices.
  3. The next step is to set the triggers that will prompt an email being sent to you.  Some will be attendance and others will be a grade of a certain level.  Other triggers can be any grade of any kind whatsoever.
  4. Then a parent can view all of the records both academic and attendance for your student in the entire history of their educational experience.
  5. This is all done by choosing a username and a password that will allow you access to the site from the log in page.