Kiddie Kandids is a St. Louis, Missouri based company  which specializes in children’s portraits. Whether you are looking for just one portraits or many portraits, Kiddie Kandids will provide you with the best quality portraits that you will find for your kids. Kiddie Kandids is a nationwide chain store, with most location in most Babies R US stores across the United States. Not only does Kiddie Kandids offer great quality portraits but the prices are great as well.

Kiddie Kandids does not charge as much as most other major portrait stores. They want you to not only love their service, but also the way Kiddie Kandids treats you as its customer. To continue serving you in the way you deserve and come to expect, Kiddie Kandids has decided to set up a survey to gather feedback on how you feel about the company. When finished with the survey you will be entered into a drawing for one of many prizes that are available. Below you will find a guide as to how you can fill out the survey.
Requirements to fill out the survey: 

  • Computer or Laptop with access to internet.
  • A receipt from a recent visit to your local Kiddie Kandids.

Steps to complete survey:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click on the link here we have provided.
  2.  Select whichever language that you are most comfortable with, the survey is available in both English and Spanish.
  3.  Enter the access code which is located on your Kiddie Kandids Receipt
  4. There will be several questions in which you can fill out. Try to be honest as possible in regards of your Kiddie Kandids visit, whether if it was a positive visit or a negative one.
  5. When you finish answering the questions then you can submit the survey.

When the survey is submitted, it will ask you for some personal information, but don’t worry it will be confidential. This information will be used to enter you into the Kiddie Kandids drawing for a chance to win many of the prizes that are available.