The flagship store opened by John Lewis in 1864 grew into a chain of stores and is one of the oldest and most reputed departmental stores today. Their famous policy – Never Knowingly Undersold, has been there policy since 1925 and they’ve always worked to keep this promise alive. From consumer electronics to clothes, they’ve been selling everything. And the famous John Lewis Partnership which is owned by a trust on behalf of all its employees, has helped them to diversify further. And with their delivery service, it has become easier than ever to get their products.

John Lewis won the Best Retailer award in 2013, receiving the highest consumer scores and also won the Verdict Customer Satisfaction awards 2013. They give prime importance to consumer satisfaction and to ensure that their consumers are satisfied, they have initiated a consumer survey. This will help them understand the changing views of the customer and will help them serve better.

You can participate in the survey by following these very simple steps.

  1. Next time you go to their retail store, grocery store, restaurant, auto store or use any other service. make sure you keep the receipt/bill safe.
  2. Visit the website They will ask you for information about your purchase like your receipt number.
  3. Chose which service of theirs, you want to give feedback about. And share your experiences with them. Try to be as truthful as possible. This will help them serve you a better.
  4. After entering all the information, collect the validation code.

You can then take the validation code and win a free product or even the $1000 prize. Entering the validation code at the last page of the survey will entitle you to win the prizes. John Lewis respects consumer satisfaction and tries to provide the best service in all their franchises. Help them keep their promise of “Never Knowingly Undersold” alive!