Have you recently rented a car and drove though a tollway? Or perhaps you are getting ready to rent a car where you know toll roads will be used. Now several car companies such as Enterprise, Alamo and others have partnered with the Highway Toll Administration giving you access to these toll ways where you are either not charged or where the bill of the tolls will be added to your car rental agreement so that you can easily and quickly get to where you need to go. Or you can pay these charges direct on the website. Below we have provided a quick guide as to how to view these agreements, check your status and even get receipts from the company showing amount due or paid.

Required to view information:

  • PC or Tablet with access to the internet
  • Must have recently rented car from partnering car rental agency
  • Name of person who rented the car

Steps to view:

  1. Copy and paste the following information into your browswe or if your system allows click the link here we have provided. www.htallc.com/tollpass
  2. Once there click the company that you recently rented from
  3. Next choose the option you need to view such as FAQs, Service Coverages. or Online Payments
  4. Depending on the option chose, following the screen prompts filling in personal information or payment information once your service agreement or invoice is up.