Virgin Mobile is a brand of telecommunications services that is utilized by a variety of brands internationally. These services currently exist in a variety of regions in the world, including Australia, Canada, Poland, United Kingdom, Colombia, Canada, Chile,  France, India, ad South Africa. Although these brands were previously offered on other regions of the world, they have then since been retracted from their market. Virgin Mobile is relatively interesting because it is segmented into a variety of fragments that operates independently for the most part. This explains the diversity in the brand which encompasses products such as radio interfaces, handsets, and more. This brand possesses strong business spartnerships with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and others.

In the United States, Sprint Telecommunications Company owns Virgin Mobile. It comprises a variety of services, including that of messaging, wireless voice, and prepaid services. In the United States, Virgin Mobile/Sprint provides customers with a 4g LTE service, enabling them to text and message at an alarmingly high rate. Furthermore, they have a variety of branded items to choose from. Sprint wholly owns Virgin Mobile USA, and has popularized this brand even further.There are many retail locations that sell these products, including some of the largest department stores. This is a very affordable brand that is accessible to the asses, ad sometimes lowly priced at major department store chains.


 What You Will Need To View The Picture Message You Have Just Received

  • A mobile device and corresponding number
  • Active wireless service
  • Access to a wireless of LTE network
  • A fully operable device


How To View The Picture Message You Have Just Received

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on the picture messages tab to view your received photo messages