There was once a time when the term “geek” didn’t refer to anything nice. But now in the age of computers and electronics, there’s a certain shine to the term. That’s why the Geek Squad is quite proud of its name as it stands for “technical excellence.” They are also proud of their customer service, but seek to make improvements through their customer survey site at where you can provide them feedback.

The Geek Squad is a subsidiary of the Best Buy Corporation, which specializes in consumer electronics. It was founded by Robert Stephens as an independent company in 1994, when it offered numerous computer-related services for offices and homes. When it merged with Best Buy later, Stephens remained as main leader of the company.

Today, it offers in-store and on-site repairs and services, and it even offers support through the Internet via remote access. The Geek Squad also offers 24-hour telephone and emergency on-site assistance. Employees are known as Agents, and their titles are patterned after intelligence services. These Agents are also known to be among the best in the industry.

The Geek Squad is currently conducting a survey so that they are continuously informed as to how they can best serve the needs of their customers. For just a few minutes of your time, you get a chance to win a gift card worth $5,000!

How to Join the Survey Online

  • Go online and visit When you reach this page, you will immediately begin the survey. The first question asks you about the type of service the Geek Squad performed for you and so on.
  • Answer each succeeding question until you complete the survey.

How to Join Through the Mail

  1. Hand print your name, complete address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, and birth date, on a 3” x 5” card. The email address is optional.
  2. Mail in a first class stamped envelope to: Best Buy Survey Shopping Spree Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 2128, Grand Rapids, MN 55745.
  3. Each mail entry (you are limited to three) must be mailed in a separate outer envelope. You can’t use copies or facsimiles or any type of mechanical reproduction—your entry must be hand-written.

The second drawing is on August 3, 2013. You are limited to just three entries per person regardless of your method of entry. Disobeying this rule will automatically disqualify you. There are three grand prizes in the draw, each one a $5,000 shopping spree, awarded in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.