Fandango offers more than just movie listings and the ability to purchase tickets online for a local show. They have special discount offers and gift cards available. They also have an agreement with Visa called the “Visa Signature Account.” Under this agreement, eligible Visa card holders can access even more discounts and deals each month. There are certain limits and condition for eligibility and on how often you can use the discounts per month. To read the specifics you can review the terms and conditions of the Fandango Visa Signature Account on their site. The best part of the Fandango Visa Signature account is you won’t have to deal with any extra cards or key fobs and new account numbers. Fandango uses the 16 digit number from your Visa card as your account number for the program. Any time you see a deal that you want, it will ask you to enter your card number. Fandango will then automatically verify that you are eligible for the offer according to the terms and conditions and that there are no special restrictions in your area on the offer. The offers apply to individual and group ticket purchases, as well as merchandise and gift cards for use with Fandango. Gift cards can be redeemed at any participating cinema, theater or event center that is listing their tickets with the service. One additional bonus that most people don’t realize is that by using the Signature Account, you are also accruing Visa reward points that can be redeemed on items and services unrelated to Fandango.

What you will need to Signup for Fandango Visa Signature Account:

  • Computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone
  • Access to Internet
  • Visa Card
  • Your Visa Billing Address

Steps to Signup for Fandango Visa Signature Account:

  1. Type in the address bar of your browser and hit enter.
  2. Enter your zip code for your Visa card
  3. Review the Signature offers and select the one you want
  4. Enter the 16 digit number to verify eligibility
  5. If eligible, purchase the offer online or print a coupon code for use in person