When you are a Delgado Community College member you get the special benefit of a Dolphin OneCard. This is the card that is used for your refund disbursement. You can use it for business services and financial aid. There are great benefits when using till this card as well. One of the benefits is that you get to have access to your refunds or payroll faster. You will also be able to earn purchase rewards and much more. When funds are in your account your card will be able to be used anywhere that the Mastercard debit card is accepted. You will also have the budgeting control that you would get with a checking account. Below is guide on how to process a refund request for your Delgado Community College Card.

Required to process a Refund request for your Delgado Community College Card:

  • Computer or Laptop with access to the internet
  • Your personal Delgado Community College Card
  • Valid Email
  • Other personal information

Steps to process a Refund request for your Delgado Community College Card:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link we have provided here: www.dolphinonecard.com
  2. When the page loads click “get started”. This can be found at the top right corner of the screen or in the middle of the screen.
  3. When the” Authenticate” page loads you need to enter your card number by clicking in the box provided and then typing in the number. Once you have finished this you can click “continue”.  A new page will load.
  4. Now it will be time for you to make some decisions on the “Make your choice”page. Look over the questions and answer them. When you are finished you will be able to move to the next part.
  5. The next page is where you will create your profile. Enter the information here that is needed and you can move to the last part of the process.
  6. The last section is where you will set the refund up. Follow the directions on this page and you will be finished.
  7. The whole authentication process will not take you long and it is extremely simple and easy. Once everything is set up all you have to do is wait for your disbursement to come in and you can start to use your card right away.