If you’re seventy years of age or older in Great Britain, there is a special process you must go to in order to renew your driver’s license. The following guide will help make this process as painless as possible. You still have places to go at seventy. Don’t let a lack of driver’s license stop you from getting there on your own.

Even if you’re not seventy yet, but will be soon and want to stay on top of things, you may use this guide to renew your license. Keep in mind, so long as DVLA has your license, you may carry on driving so long as you follow any specific instructions attached to your driver’s license and you’ve sent in a valid application for renewal. You may also not use the below website to renew CT (medium-sized vehicles) and D1 (minibus) license. Those can only be renewed by post.

Required to Renew your Drivers Licence for Age 70

  1. Proof of identification.
  2. A valid UK Passport.
  3. Valid email address you have access to.
  4. A British license that has expired or will be expiring within ninety days.
  5. To be a resident of Great Britain.
  6. To be able to meet the minimum eyesight requirement. To confirm if you do, visit this website: https://www.gov.uk/driving-eyesight-rules
  7. To not be prevented by the law from driving for any reason.

Steps To to Renew your Drivers Licence for Age 70

  1. Go to www.direct.gov.uk/renewat70
  2. Click the green box that reads “Start Now.”
  3. On this webpage, you will be given the options to Log On, Re-Register or Register. Click:
    • Log on  if you already have a Government Gateway User ID and password.
    • Re-register if you had a Government Gateway User ID and password, but can no longer remember what it is. Doing so will take you through a number of pages to confirm your identity before a Government Gateway User ID and password are generated for you.
    • New User if you are new to using this page and do not have a Government Gateway User ID and password.

From there, the website will take you through the process of renewing your ID at age 70. Remember, you can still drive while the renewal process is under way.