Chili’s is one of the popular sit down restaurants that reside under the umbrella of Brinker International Franchising. It is one of the worlds most prominent casual dining venues with locations in the United States and abroad. Brinker International has been recognized as one of the “Worlds Most Admired Food Service Companies” and they have stringent requirements for individuals who want to open a Chili’s franchise. They, and the owners of Chili’s restaurants, keep a standard of service and food quality across all of their locations so that no matter where you go, you know you are going to get good food and good service.

Chili’s Grill and Bar has a reputation of serving excellent food at reasonable prices. They need to ensure that their customers expectations and needs are being met by the quality of the food, cleanliness of the restaurants, and service of the staff. To that Chili’s has put together a customer satisfaction survey. In appreciation to those who  help them by completing the feedback form, they have given you the chance to win $1000.They would like to hear from you within 4 days of your visit to Chili’s. Below we have provided some quick steps to finish the guest response information and be entered into the drawing.

Requirements to take part:

  • Computer that has access to the internet.
  • A valid receipt from  your local Chili’s location that is less than 4 days old.

Steps to complete the survey:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link that we provided.
  2.  Check the receipt to see if you have a 12 or 4 digit code. If it is 12 digits, continue on the site and finish the form. If you have a 4 digit code and ate within the United States, you will need to go to . If it’s 4 digits and you ate outside of the United States, proceed to and if it is 4 digits but you ate at an airport, you will need to go to to complete it as well.
  3. When you are at the correct page location based on your code and where you ate, click the button that corresponds to the language you want to take the questions in.
  4. On the first screen enter the 12 or 4-digit code and press GO to enter the survey.
  5. Answer all of the questions about your recent experience. Feel free to be as honest as possible as Chili’s would like to hear from you whether your experience was positive and/or negative.

When you have completed the survey and have submitted it  you will automatically be entered to win the $1000 sweepstakes.