Chase offers many credit cards. One of the ones that you might be interested in or already have is the Chase United card. This card will allow you to get the items that you need when you need them. For your convenience you are also able to access you account online. This will allow you to see your balance and your transactions as well as make changes to your account if needed such as updating your address. It is important to have access to your account no matter where you are. If you have an internet connection you will be able to log in and find the information that you are looking for. Here is how to use the site. Below is a guide on how you can apply for or manage your personal Chase United Card online.

Required to Apply or Manage Your Chase United Card Online:

  • Computer or Laptop with access to the internet
  • Your personal Chase United Card
  • Valid Email
  • Other personal information

Steps to Apply or Manage Your Chase United Card Online:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link we have provided here:
  2. When the site loads you will be able to click on the yellow box on the right hand side to log in.
  3. A new page will load and you will be able to enter your login information to access your account.
  4. If you are considering applying for a card and don’t already have one then you can click to see the benefits that the card offers so you will have a better idea if this is card for you. When you click you will notice that a new page loads with the information that you are looking for.
  5. There is also links at the bottom of the page where you can click to view contact us, security, privacy, pricing and terms, terms and conditions, as well as the terms of use. These links will provide you with the relevant information to the link that you clicked on when a new page loads.
  6. If you are looking to apply now click on the left hand side where there is a link that says “apply now” and this will take you to a page where you can start the application process.