Chase Bank happens to be a major subsidiary of the JPMorgan Chase Financial institution, Based in Chicago, it formed a partnership with Bank One in the year if 2004. Its branches are vastly expansive, amounting to over 5,000, and over 16,000 ATMs. With over 200,000 employees employed at this banking institution, it proves to be a formidable competitor for other financial corporations. It has gained the notable status as one of the 4 major banks in the United States.

Funded in 1799, it now amasses an impressive revenue of over 58 billion each year. Unlike more flexible financial institutions, Chase bank does not offer as flexible a financial model. Although it has limited its target market to the financial secure, it has also excluded the financial unstable, as well as those who have accrued a poor credit history. As a result of its smart lending and financial practices, it has gained a notable status and has accrued tremendous revenue due to the financial eligibility of all of its consumers.

It has expanded its financial services, offering basic banking services, such as checking accounts and savings accounts. In addition to this, many have the option of applying for a Chase bank card. Below is a guide on how to open a checking account online with Chase Bank.

What You Need to Open a Checking Account Online:

  • A valid social security number and valid identification and citizenship.
  • A credit history check.
  • A minimum deposit.
  • A minimum income to qualify for financial services.
  • A valid email address.
  • A verifiable permanent address.
  • Verification of employment.

Steps on how to Open A Checking Account Online:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2. In the “products and services” section, click on the “checking ” option ad and scroll over to select the checking account service you prefer.
  3. Read about the terms and conditions, as well as features and benefits of applying for a Chase account.
  4. Using the Chase Bank branch tool, determine the closest Chase bank location to proceed with opening your account.