Best Western hotels wants to know about your experience with their company. They would like all guests to take their online feedback survey at but they are especially interested in how their Best Western Rewards customers rate their experience. This is valuable data for them, because this is the type of guest who will, hopefully, book rooms with their hotel on a recurring basis. As an incentive to gain their Rewards Members participation, they are offering 250 free Best Western Rewards point to customers who enter their Reward ID number then complete the survey.

Who Is Best Western

Best Western International is the worlds largest Hotel chain, with more than 4000 hotels throughout over 100 countries. Despite its large size, each Best Western Hotel is individually owned. That means the customer gets the care of a small business who truly values their guests comfort and satisfaction. Every Best Western Hotel still has to adhere to the overriding quality and satisfaction guidelines of the parent company, so guests also get a standard, high quality experience no matter where they stay.

How To Participate In The Best Western Survey And Claim Your 250 Rewards Points

Required : Internet connection, and having stayed in a Best Western hotel. Rewards membership is needed to claim the free rewards points.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu at the top right of the page.
  3. Enter your First name, Last name, preferred (valid) contact email, and your Best Western rewards number.
  4. From the dropdown menus, you must select the Region, Country or State, and City plus the particular hotels name from the drop down menus.
  5. Select the date you checked out from the hotel in question using the calendar menu.
  6. Click BEGIN SURVEY at the bottom of the page.
  7. Go through and answer each question with your best recollection of your experience at the hotel. The survey should take around 5 but no more than 10 minutes to complete,

NOTE : You must complete the entire survey at to receive your 250 Best Western Rewards points.