Bob Evans Farms, Inc is in a American restaurant that is based in Columbus, Ohio. The company has about 600 restaurant locations spread out in about 18 states. Many of these are run under regional sub-brands. The menus include breakfast, lunch and dinner that are delicious and can be served in a great ambiance. They are known for serving their signature breakfast dish all day long, and also for their sausage which they also package and sell at retail grocery stores. Bob Evans and his restaurants have stayed successful for over 50 years and one way he has done this is the constant consumer research done for the purpose of improving the products offered. He does this in many ways, one being a survey in which he wants you the customer to give feedback in regards to your dining experience. Below we have provided some quick steps to take part of the survey and give your feedback to the company.

Required for Completing the Survey:

  • Computer that can be connected to the Internet.
  •  Receipt from a recent visit to your local Bob Evans Restaurant.

Steps to complete the survey:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows click the link here we have provided.
  2. You will then be asked to enter the 9 digit code that is found on the back of your receipt. ( Note: not all receipts have a code as those asked to participate are selected randomly)
  3. Click the “NEXT” button
  4. You will then begin the questions in regards to your experience and food products. Feel free to answer these as honest as possible as they would like to hear from you whether it was a positive and/or negative experience.
  5. Submit the Survey

Bob Evans restaurants keeps all information obtained confidential. They greatly appreciate your time taken to provide your feedback so that they can continue to provide the products and services you have come to expect from them.